When it comes to the beating your competition there’s always smart ways to do it by simply analyzing their overall strategy and improving on what they are doing for your own business. This concept is just like martial arts, a martial arts expert will often analyze the opponent and look for weaknesses that will help them get the upper hand faster and easier.

Marketing online is not easy, there are millions of blogs and websites asking for your attention, if you run a small home based business and you have competition the best approach to knowing how to beat your competition is to study them and learn exactly what they do so you can do it better.

One of the masters in the world of sales and marketing is Brian Tracy and I have watched many of his videos to learn exactly what are the best strategies in the world of marketing. Here’s one of my favorite videos I’ve found from him.

Sometimes in order to kick butt in the marketing space it’s about researching and not about how much money you have or how big your company is, this is the first step towards having a long-term business that is able to keep up with changing times. Just like KonFu in the world of marketing you need to train and learn constantly if you want to be best.