Cuba’s tourism potential in undeniable. Anthology beaches, flora dreamy and timeless beauty, Cuba is the favorite destination of millions of tourists a year.

While it is true, most of those tourists come to the island to settle in the All Inclusive Resorts, many of them might be interested in the practice of ecotourism, a trend that sum increasingly popular.

If you are looking from the business perspective, Cuba could well become the eco tourist destination in the Caribbean; in fact, already a reference for the protection and conservation of natural resources, because even their laws so require.

It is correct to say that ecotourism already exists in Cuba, although incipiently. Terrazas, Frijol, the Cordillera de la Gran Piedra, the Caves of Bellamar and Tope de Collantes and although it has a large structure, remains among the most important ecotourism destinations in the Caribbean, and all because their resources they are simply very impressive to obviate these risks, but what if the industry feeds?

In a year where changes are expected for the progress in restoring relations with the United States, it is not crazy to start thinking that the island could look for future expanding its tourism, obeying a conservation policy.

The economic impact of the development of eco tourism industry in the making could be very positive for Cuba: the possibility of injection of foreign capital, creating jobs, all while still protecting ecosystems. Industries like envios aereos a cuba are growing, but others will be affected.

Obviously, from the point of view of conservation, it is necessary to carry out in-depth studies of the quality of resources and if you would hold the large-scale exploitation by then develop a single system that can not be imitated so easily elsewhere close (Mexico, Bahamas, and others).

The potential exists, it is important to develop policies, including national, help develop a project that can work now and in the future.

From years in electronic music clubs changing discs (vinyl) to digital music files manifests. For the DJ that has a big influence on the sound, selection and distribution possibilities because as the world changes it’s music habits disc jockey professionals everywhere must change if they want to survive.

We recently talked to a fort myers dj about this issue and mostly he said that digital music has brought more options and bigger opportunities for dj professionals everywhere.

In these new circumstances they forced the labels, record stores and these artists to change their business model. Although legal downloads of music are expanding for years, this increase could not offset the loss of sales of discs and vinyl. For this reason as established labels such as Kitty-Yo (sex in dallas, Jimi Tenor eq.) And Ladomat (Ascii.Disko, Egoexpress) they went bankrupt.

Perhaps in the near future will not remain stamps issued on vinyl and CD, as it is not profitable. Richie Hawtin was one of the first DJs to change vinilio to digital format. Change the turntables for a laptop and audio interface and in 98 with a prototype and final traktor scratch.

For him, the great advantage was that it could carry a large number of disks without having to load them through airports on their numerous performances. According Richie Hawtin digital is the future for DJ’s that sound “super-high-definition-sounds” and surround put increasingly standard in school and are about to spread in the clubs. Our wedding dj fort myers also said that things are easier now for amateur djs to enter the field and that has created more competition.

Recently I partnered with a friend of mine to launch which is a website where we offer a variety of general contractor services in the southwest florida area. Now I know nothing about that industry but we decided to put our heads together to create an actual business because he has the tools, resources and know-how and I can handle the online part.


The truth is many small businesses are struggling to find business, I decided to bring my knowledge when it comes to local seo to help my partner gain more business and we would both benefit. This means I take care of the marketing and he takes care of closing the sales and completing the jobs.

It’s a win-win really, he concentrates on what he does best without worrying about where he is going to find his next client. That is what local seo is all about, for example we sell granite countertops in west palm beach and so we use local seo to get listed locally and get people to call asking for our services

So, because I’m doing this myself I can give you some tips to help you kick butt in local marketing:

  1. Have a Google verified listing for your city, be sure to optimized it with photos, text and all your contact information as much as you possibly can.
  2. Build as many citations as you can, citations are basically new listings in local web directories.
  3. Have a presence in social media, this in return will help you gain better rankings and more exposure for your small business. Places like Facebook, Linkedin and others.
  4. Be consistent, promote your site in as many places as you can to help you build traffic and new links pointing to your site.

Those are the same steps I’m following and I’m sure they will work for you too.

Okay, so I got an email yesterday from this guy asking me whether it was a good idea to have a blog even though he had no clue what content to put on that blog and or even how he would use it.

Here’s my response, I believe a blog is necessary and most small businesses usually struggle with finding content for their blogs but there are so many ways to get content is really not an excuse. Websites like freelancer and odesk are a great example of finding writers who can submit content to your blog weekly and it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg. For example if you own a cape coral limo rental business and you were to have a blog you would talk about the limousine or transportation industry.

My friend who owns diseno web miami says that without a blog Google won’t visit your website as often, a blog basically forces the search engines to stop by your website multiple times per week and as a result that helps you gain better rankings.

A blog has become a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy for any business, basically big companies like Coca Cola, Netflix, Apple and others have blogs for their announcements, press releases and other information so the question is if the big guys are doing what makes you think you shouldn’t?

So you know no matter what industry you are in you will always have old and new competitors jumping into the scene, there’s nothing you can do about that. What you can do is try to stay updated, ahead of the curve with the latest marketing tactics and skills to be stealthy like a ninja but deadly.


The first thing you must do is examine your competitors, knowing exactly what they are doing in terms of marketing will tell you how to improve yours. Sometimes something as simple as making your website mobile friendly is enough to improve your traffic and sales.

Seriously, my friend Tom owns limo service cape coral and he had an increased in calls by 40% by simply changing his web design to fit mobile devices.

The next thing is find out what they are doing on social media and 10x your marketing. Do this for the next 90 days and give it all you got, if you can double your marketing budget each month you’ll be able to double your sales as well and you will be taking care of your competitors on stealth mode without them even knowing, that’s what ninjas do.

you suck

Social media marketing has become a necessary part of every business that wants to grab more customers from their competitors. However, not all social media campaigns are created equal and so most of them suck pretty badly because they don’t have a clue what they are doing.

Many marketing agencies like publicidad en miami are often recommending  that the best strategies to implement on social media websites are those that are created with the goal of engaging potential customers with fun and entertainment stories.

Right now Facebook is perhaps our top recommended place for social media, mainly because they seem to be expanding ahead of any other social media website. You can easily get a few thousand people to visit your website without spending a lot of money.

If you are spending money to simply get likes to your fanpage then trust me you are doing it wrong..

Instead focus on building and expanding your brand with content people are willing to share, people love emotional & funny stories, by staying in that circle you almost guaranteed that you’ll have a continuous growth in social media and you’ll be able to reach far more people because you are creating a content based marketing strategy NOT a strategy based on numbers that usually don’t translate into money for your business. If you want to succeed in the world of social network marketing you need to be flexible and willing to experiment, don’t pretend like you know everything and focus on finding the right audience for your marketing because that is the most important part of a winning campaign, having thousands of fans on social media means nothing if they are not buying your product or service. Think about that next time you plan on throwing money on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s no secret that if you want more traffic for anything the best way to get it is via the search engines. However, most business owners are not taking advantage of the free resources that are offered by Google to help them rank better and gain more local leads and traffic.

This is why I wanted to write this post because I believe the business owner who is not taking advantage of this changing marketplace it will most likely go out of business because they won’t be able to compete. No matter what industry or business you have you need to be on the search engines, the local search results are a safe and consistent way to generate quality customers for any business if you are able to break the top 10 spots on Google for example.

I have encounter business owners who don’t even know who their competition is or if their site is ranking at all. That should be your first step, all you have to do is enter your industry + the city name and you’ll be able to see your top competitors online. For example if you are a photographer living in fort myers you would type wedding photography fort myers and you’ll be able to see a complete list of the top 10 competitors who are probably getting a good chunk of your business online.

Remember you can do this for any city or industry, your next step would be to then find a trusted company who can help you get more directory listings to improve your local google maps listing, these are called citations and they can make a huge difference if done properly.

Here’s a video I found that explains the concept:

That should be your first step without a doubt. Hope this post helps you get started.

When it comes to the beating your competition there’s always smart ways to do it by simply analyzing their overall strategy and improving on what they are doing for your own business. This concept is just like martial arts, a martial arts expert will often analyze the opponent and look for weaknesses that will help them get the upper hand faster and easier.

Marketing online is not easy, there are millions of blogs and websites asking for your attention, if you run a small home based business and you have competition the best approach to knowing how to beat your competition is to study them and learn exactly what they do so you can do it better.

One of the masters in the world of sales and marketing is Brian Tracy and I have watched many of his videos to learn exactly what are the best strategies in the world of marketing. Here’s one of my favorite videos I’ve found from him.

Sometimes in order to kick butt in the marketing space it’s about researching and not about how much money you have or how big your company is, this is the first step towards having a long-term business that is able to keep up with changing times. Just like KonFu in the world of marketing you need to train and learn constantly if you want to be best.