Is It Realistic to Win at Online Casinos?

Is It Realistic to Win at Online Casinos?

Is it possible to win real money when gaming online? Yes, it is. But no one has yet succeeded in turning this type of activity into a source of stable income, and you are unlikely to succeed. After all, winning will sooner or later be replaced by a loss. Gambling establishments exist because this entire system is set up in a way making gamblers lose their money. It is almost impossible to check how random the events generated by the service code are. However, there are a couple of exceptions or lucky chances.


There are a couple of stories about players who were able to become famous thanks to their large winnings. But you shouldn’t forget about the most famous losers either. These are the heroes who were able to go down in the history of gaming.

Stories of Professional Players Who Won at Online Casinos

There some inspiring success stories:


  • Archie Karas – This man is considered a Las Vegas legend. As Archie claims, he is not interested in money. At the age of 19, Archie settled in Los Angeles, where he became addicted to poker. Over time, Karas became a millionaire. But after a couple of years, he left his entire fortune in the casino; he had 50 dollars left in his pocket. Surprisingly, Archie saw this as a temporary difficulty and later earned $17 million.
  • Stanley Fujiteake – There is even a plaque in the center of Las Vegas made in honor of this man. The construction marks an unusual player record. Fujitake, a native of Honolulu, has become a part of the gaming history and is known as the “Man with the Golden Hand.” A guest of the California Hotel in Las Vegas on May 28, 1989, managed to hit an incredible jackpot by playing dice. It took him 3 hours 6 minutes to win 118 streaks in a row.
  • Carrie Parker – The man has always played at the highest rates in casinos. This could ruin MGM casinos for $30 million in 1997, and other English establishments for another $10 million. Delighted with his winnings, the rich man immediately began to waste money. For example, he left his waitress and headwaiter tips of about a million dollars. On the other hand, Parker somehow lost as much as 20 million in one fashionable casino in London in just one night. 


The overwhelming majority of people do not doubt that it is possible to ensure a decent standard of living only by working constantly and persistently. But there is a certain percentage of people who believe in their lucky star and do not give up hope to break a big jackpot one day and live happily. Basically, they pin their hopes on winning at online casinos. In this article, you have learned about the players who have become legends thanks to their luck and passion.

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